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These pieces of heart attacks will be on sale from tonight…..I would suggest you wear all your sweet teeth if you are going to try some. Yum!

I made cinnamon/sugar flavoured cupcakes last night. They taste just like mini cinnabuns, which means that they quite delicious even if I do say so myself. I ate 1 and half of them this morning. No lies. In store now x

I baked this chocolate and vanilla almond sponge cake with marshmellow icing yesterday and it came out really nicely. Come past and have a slice or 2 or 3, if you’re sugar tolerant enough hee x

Shane and I made chocolate and red velvet cupcakes on Sunday for a birthday party order. They were super fun to decorate. We dyed plastic icing (like marzipan) and stamped out “Happy Birthday” we bought glitter and sprinkles and and and…so much fun. If you need birthday cupcakes, give us a shout or a call or send an email, your choice xx

hello peanut butter, hello chocolate, hello fat camp. We tried our paws at some peanut butter chocolate cupcakes and they came out mighty fine. In store now x x

I baked another hummingbird cake last night, come have a slice with a chai cappuccino, yes those are also new and they are flipping delicious. Why is cinnamon so amazing?!

*For anyone who is wondering – a hummingbird cake is a pineapple, banana, pecan nut, cinnamon, cream cheese frosting hunk of awesome.

Feel like something red and awesome? Then see you at Wolves. Fresh Red velvet cupcakes are in the house xxx

i just made this chocolate ganache stack of heart attack. it’s in the shop waiting for you, so come have a slice if you like x x

this is our new hot chocolate. come and get it x x

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