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In this exhibition, we explore the Eureka movement. Focusing on the scientific and in this particular case, the squishy bits.

The Eureka movement is a movement of discovery and intellectual enrichment, making information accessible and understandable to the people. We are students of the eureka movement but of course we don’t take it too seriously 😉

From dissecting a Ninja turtles hand to our interpretation of the human nervous system, to imagined geological studies and science puns. We discover the many imagined, colourful, quirky and humourous surfaces of the scientific.

We are so excited to launch our latest exhibition: Surfaces, in Johannesburg and for the first time ever in Cape Town! Come and join us for a glass of wine!



A little over a year ago, Cape Town based artist and illustrator Catherine Green embarked on journey. She committed to producing one drawing each day for a year. Astoundingly, she stuck to it and the result is a truly unique collection of quirky, interesting pen and ink drawings.

She’s done portraits, pets, body parts, patterns, fashion and more, and the highlights are on display at Wolves for the month of October.

See more of Cath’s work here:



Features works by:

Amber Smith 
Meryl Booth 
Martin Rossouw 
Sonia Dearling 
Karabo Moletsane
Megan Bird
Inus Pretorius
Gerhard Van Wyk
Maaike Bakker




Includes work by:

Justin Southey/ Ello/ Jean de Wet/ Nina Torr/ Gerhard Van Wyk/ Rikus Ferreira/ Karabo Moletsane/ Sonia Dearling/ Mieke van der Merwe/ Morne Venter/ Werner Burger/ Mega Bonanza/ Lize-Marie Dreyer/ Amber Smith/ Maaike Bakker

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