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  1. Great article but it didn’t have ev-gtyhinreI didn’t find the kitchen sink!

    1. I would love to win SET ONE!!!By the way, Congratulations upon your proposal~ God bless you!Have a wonderful day, keep smiling and stay healthy ^^

      1. It depends on your area and the specific setting of the I work in the NYC/western NY area as a part time photographer/SM/ASM, and aside from plays where race is a defining characteristic the majority of cases I’ve seen have been blind From the college to the There’s also a lot of selection bias where actors won’t bother auditioning for a role because of their race, because they themselves don’t feel that they would be selected for a role, so they go for another role where they are less likely to be considered as a contender for a role that would also fit There’s also the demographics of an area, where you may only have a mono racial community to cast in, or a highly diverse area to cast I was being a little broad with my description, but outside of roles where the race is a defining characteristic, casting is generally race blind in drama in my

        1. We should all familiarize ourselves with the term 'Hegelian Dialectic', to understand how we are being manipulated by those who want to control our lives. Both the 'right' and the 'left' are passionately against individual freedom and true liberty, and expend much effort to insure you are scared of other people having true freedom.

          1. brian,yeah. i have to set my pride down and just admit that they do have a great service and i’ve set up so many people with them, which is a good thing.if i’m ultimately interested in the betterment of the bloggers and saving them some money (which I am) then i might as well include the services that are great, including them!

            1. Brown was great in his own right. However, in todays NFL he would be pressed to get his 1000 every year. Why? He was a s big as the linemen of his day and way faster. Does anybody think Paul Horning would be great today? Rice has lost his mind. Brown also played on good to great teams. For my money Barry Sanders was by far the best of all time. On a good team he would have pushed 2000 yards every year. Also barring his early retirement he would be the all time rushing leader.

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