I baked another hummingbird cake last night, come have a slice with a chai cappuccino, yes those are also new and they are flipping delicious. Why is cinnamon so amazing?!

*For anyone who is wondering – a hummingbird cake is a pineapple, banana, pecan nut, cinnamon, cream cheese frosting hunk of awesome.

3 Responses to “would you like a slice?”

  1. i may choke on the horsie though

    1. i finally had this in my face on Friday for lunch! It was more than I anticipated. I wanna try bake it but i’m scared it doesn’t have that Wolves awesomeness to it… If it doesn’t i’ll just come back for more :)

      1. I had a slice! It was yummy! Wish I could’ve taken some home with me :)

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